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Dr. Ravi Sharma has really achieved lots of popularity all over the world as India’s best astrologer. He is very well known for his services. He is quite famous all over the world when it comes to astrology. He was awarded gold medal from various cities of India like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Chennai.
All his services are based on his passion for his work which he has practiced since 20 years. He has got extensive knowledge in it.

In India, he is one among the respected astrology practitioners for the following reasons:

  • He has the ability to understand every type of problem
  • He has got very scientific and systematic approach for the astrology
  • He gives a very good and soothing aid while doing the counseling
  • He gives counseling based on complete healthy way which would compliment astrology
  • He guided his students and followers very well
  • All the knowledge he has, has directly come from his father who was also a vashikaran guru who could fill people’s mind with positivity
  • It is believed that he is completely gifted by God in terms of astrology


My personal affair with Astrology began in 1980 when I visited a big spiritual conference in Uk, Canada. Tyl, one of the greatest contemporary classical astrologers, lectured at the conference. I jumped on the opportunity to see what a professional personal astrological analysis can do, unlike all those vague predictions most of us had grown accustomed to in the papers. That morning Noel Tyl amazed me with his capability to analyze me through my chart, and made me realize how accurate astrology can be. At the end of that session,
I asked Noel where I could study. He scribbled on a piece of paper the telephone number of Maurice Fernandez and said that we “Will become good friends, and he will be my teacher”. Maurice is my good friend and a teacher to this day.

No. 1 gold medalist in astrology:

He is a no.1 gold medalist in India and is popular worldwide too. With the various knowledge he has been successful enough to show his followers the right path. His motto is to fill our life with contentment and happiness.