Monthly Horoscope Prediction from Horoscope Specialist

Monthly Horoscope

Horoscope is a scientific study that does not predict what will be going to happen but predicts the type of individual you are. It helps to understand what the individual thinks and so makes the relationships happier and understanding. It provides solutions to your number of problems such as problems in marriage life, love life, job, health, wealth etc. All such problems might exist because of some astrological factors. With the help of horoscope, you can decide what you want to do to not face the same problems again.

Monthly horoscope by Horoscope Specialist:

       1. Aries:

First week of the month has some fine points and details that you always wanted to avoid. But the new moon on first day of month tells you that it is not that complex. The one who loves you would appreciate you more. Full moon in the mid of month would bring attitude and intuitions in you. You have to be patient and prepared for new things on the way. Love may come in your life in the last of month.


The new moon on first day of month brings about lot of fun and jest feelings in your mind. Do not miss a chance to enjoy the fun. You would look alluring and seducing. In mid of month, full moon would socialize your life. People around you can be emotional but that will never keep you away. Just be calm and let people express their emotions. Try to give extra care and love to your pets, books and plants.

       3. Gemini:

Your month starts with family and would make your bonds strong. Give importance to every affectionate word. New moon would come up with lots of games and fun. Romp up the child inside you. Full moon in mid of the month lightens up your work field. Try to be responsive with your colleagues. Don’t dress up wild as end of month has new moon.

      4. Cancer:

In the first week of month, you can enjoy good times with your neighbors or friends. The new moon on first day blossoms up the hearts. Full moon in the mid of month would let you explore the world and you can be treated well at home. In the end of month, new moon would keep you pampered with family affairs.

        5. Leo:

This month is waiting to bring tokens of friendship, gifts and invitations for you. New moon in starting of month may accompany you with lot of money. Reason for getting money could be the favor you have done for someone. Full moon in mid can come up with some confusions, so you need to think practically. Support and get united with friends and neighbors in the end of month.

       6. Virgo:

On the first day of month, solar eclipse and new moon can be in your favor. Use your power in a very pleasant way. You might feel desirous in the mid of month but only real love can be able to satisfy you.

         7. Libra:

In the starting of month, you would feel more influencing. Keep track on your health, if you do not feel well, then go and get diagnosed.

        8. Scorpio:

In the start of moth, your life would be energized socially by partying. You should go somewhere and spend good time during mid of the month.

       9. Sagittarius:

The start of month is waiting to give you something big you desire of. Try to value the family concerns during mid of the month.

       10. Capricorn:

Starting of month would make it possible to grow your world. You would experience the good time with some old good friends near home. You may get a break in career path that seems to be lucky for you in the end of month.

       11. Aquarius:

You may get your biggest problem solve in first week of the month. So, new moon would come with a good start of month. Do not try to repeat the mistakes while you make some money related decisions.

       12. Pisces:

You might make karmic relationships in the start of month that adds romance to your life. You may face nervousness during mid of month but stay calm. Instead of being helpful, first look after your needs. provides you free horoscope services from a horoscope specialist. has team of horoscope specialists and those specialists have good knowledge of planets and their impacts. You can read daily or monthly free horoscope on