Astrology and its Effect in our Day to Day Life


Astrology is of the profound and sacred form of science known to men, till date. Since the civilization evolved the planets and the stars have really been used to map and know the human affairs and behaviors. There are some people who greatly believe in this. Some brilliant minds have also depended much on the astrology and the majestic movements of stars. In this ideal world everybody will have a sure understanding of their birth and day to day activity. With this understanding, all the human being on planet earth have the potential to know about the movements of the celestial body and stars. Astrology is something which guides you with what you intend to be the whole of the day or the month. It depicts your day to day activity, somehow. You could avail free astrology through online.

Some reasons for believing in Astrology:

  • Experiences show that whatever the astrologers say are quite true and helpful
  • People have been liking such judgements
  • It really operates on the higher level, like the religion
  • Astrology knows more about the person than the person itself

You get to read this daily in the newspaper or online. It gives you a kind of guidance to your day to day work. Astrology depicts how you react in your daily life. Sometimes it is also found that there are various souls in one body. Astrology gives a clear picture of how our day is going to be like, it is just a kind prediction. It somehow helps keeping us on the right track. It is beneficial for those who love to track their future in advance. Some people believe that it is just a source of fooling those people who believe in it. Many people follow it as it serves as a guideline of what you will do today and tomorrow.

Some liabilities on different levels:

  • This may also include unbearable fatalism
  • It may also tempt the misuse the power
  • The language used in it is quite abstract
  • It is much closer to fantasy than the reality of life
  • They do not reveal from where actually the facts come from
  • They even disagree with many of the logical facts
  • People randomly believe without knowing the logical reason behind it
  • They disagree the use of symbols

How it works:
Astrology is a beautiful combination of spirit and science. Astrology plays important role. It is basically all about celestial body, stars and planetary motions. There are many people who strongly believe in it. Astrologers use the birth chart to find out your astrology. This is such a mixture of spirit and science which controls the mechanism of the human mind and soul.